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A loft with rustic wooden beams and a sofa set

Functional Loft Conversions In Steyning

Change your Steyning living space with It’s Carpentry's loft conversions. Our comprehensive service covers everything from initial design to structural calculations, ensuring a seamless transformation of your loft. With a commitment to minimising inconvenience, we prioritise a smooth process for clients, especially those residing in the property, during the conversion. Contact us today and discover hassle-free work from concept to completion.

Other Conversion Services

Garage Conversions

Wide angle view of a garage

We can turn your garage into a functional extension of your living space with our conversion expertise. Whether you require more space to accommodate your growing requirements or are just looking for a change, we can help.

Basement Conversions

Wide angle view of a basement

Discover the hidden potential of your space with our basement conversion services. From design to execution, we turn underutilised areas into functional, inviting spaces that seamlessly integrate with your home.

Man Caves

Wide angle view of a room with drums set

Escape to your personalised retreat with our man caves. We create bespoke, stylish areas where you can entertain and showcase your unique tastes. Turn your free space into a man cave for a leisure experience.


Q. Will we have to move out while the work is carried out?

A. No. On most loft conversions, you will not need to move out.


Q. Will you require access to the house while the work is carried out?

A. Not normally, we can obtain access through the roof to carry out the work.


Q. Will we be without power during the work?

A. You may be without power for short periods, but the power will always be restored at the end of each day; the same applies to the water supply.


Q. How messy will the work be?

A. There will always be a degree of mess with such building work, but we strive to keep it to the minimum. Sheeting is used to confine the dust, and a protection film is used to preserve carpets and flooring.


Q. What happens if ceilings are damaged during the work?

A. We will endeavour to stop this from happening, but should damage occur to ceilings, then all repairs will be made good.


Q. Will we need to use your toilet facilities?

A. No, we will arrange for portable toilets to be delivered on-site.

Read Our Reviews

It’s Carpentry - A Great Building Team Who Are Very Capable

“A professional, competent, caring team of people who helped make our extension design a reality. We are delighted with the quality of the work carried out. Nothing was too much trouble, and major changes or small requests were accommodated without any fuss. Always on time every morning to get the work done, with the whole job completed in the timescale discussed. The new extension meets all our needs, and the workmanship was what we hoped for. I would definitely recommend It’s Carpentry for any type of building work.”

Planning To Get A Loft Conversion Done In Steyning? Give Us A Call Now On 01903 215006

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